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Week 13 SNF Preview – Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks

Week 13 kicked off with 2 NFC teams, the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings, duking it out this past Thursday night and the trend of NFC slated primetime games will continue this Sunday as the Seattle Seahawks (-6.5) host the Carolina Panthers in primetime. This season the Seahawks are undefeated at home which forecasts an uphill battle for Cam Newton.
Let me ask you all this? Is anyone able to figure out the NFC this year? As soon as you think you can pinpoint which teams are going to be solid you see a team like the Seahawks struggle against the Buccaneers who, until recently, continued to shit the bed. It was as if the Bucs told opponents , “Please just end this so I can go have a Bud Light party with my homeboy Warren Sapp and whichever whore he’s picked up for the evening.

Crazy Ole Sapp

Crazy Ole Sapp

I have to give credit to the Bucs though. They won at home and man-handled the Seattle’s offensive line giving Russell Wilson very little time to throw and with the injuries he has dealt with over the season, couldn’t escape the rush. This is what the Panthers have to do to win. Last week against the Raiders, Carolina was only able to muster 1 sack but it should be noted Oakland has one of the top offensive lines in the league. More opportunities to get to the QB should present themselves on Sunday night against Seattle. What doesn’t help is the concussion that continues to plague star linebacker Luke Kuechly. Seattle will surely take advantage of the mismatches that will be presented in both the run game and pass coverage from Kuechly’s fill-in AJ Klein. One would think this to be a focal point for game planning by Seattle’s coaching staff with an offense that has been pedestrian a majority of the season (23rd in points scored).
Carolina offers up a formidable offense to its opponent. 10th in points scored and 14th in yards gained should match up well against one of the league’s premier defenses. The Seahawks are ranked 1st in points allowed but 14th against the run. The run is what the Panthers’ offense is built around. This should turn into the type of NFC games we are akin to viewing. A defensive battle. I won’t go crazy with my prediction for this game. It is going to be a close one.

Wilson’s Prediction: Seahawks by 3

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